Scottish and want to learn about green roofs? Well GRT in partnership with SEDA are heading to Edinburgh in September to run an event.

Scottish Biosolar Roof

SEDA is currently working with BIG. No not the Danish Architects but the Bridgend Inspiring Growth project. Part of there work is to  construct a building  that will have a biosolar roof. GRT has provided some design input. In the light of this, we will be running a workshop in September. This is not the first time we have run an event in partnership with SEDA,  we were able to run one two years ago Glasgow.

Scottish green roof workshop

SEDA – Scottish green roof workshop


Scottish Green Roof Workshop

So if you would like to know how to design a small green roof for a shed, a garage, an extension or an outhouse make sure you book the date. Over the years, we have travelled up many times to Scotland to help inspire people to build green roofs.

The workshop will follow our standard format:

  • Practical – all delegates will build a small section of green roof that they can take away
  • Construction detail – seminar sessions that go into detail of various methods and approaches
  • Why build a green roof? A green roof is more than about the colour – it’s the benefits that matter

The focus is very much on what the individual or the group can do on small structures. In the light of this, the workshop is aimed at the individuals, community groups, small-scale builders and landscape contractors.

Helping to green up Scottish roofs – for wildlife

Of course there are many good reasons to green a roof. However, there will be a slight focus on biodiversity. Not withstanding the other benefits, green roofs are about the  plants, so why not make sure a green roof delivers for local Scottish wildlife.


So reserve a place and we look forward to seeing you there. And delegates get access to our comprehensive online  green roof guide as part of the ticket price.


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