Bin stores with green roofs

Jun 9, 2022

Green Roof of the Day

A Bin shed on a council estates in UK is a perfect for green roofs to be retrofitted onto.

green roof bin stores

Council Estate Bin Sheds perfect for green roofs

Green Roof Bin Stores in Hammersmith

These bin stores were installed on an estate in Hammersmith in 2014 by John Little’s other company. The concept and design came from the Green Infrastructure Consultancy. They were constructed using the techniques and methods outlined in our guide.

Climate Proofing Social Housing

This year more small scale buildings – garages, pram and bin sheds – are being greened at the time of writing. Three estates that are part of the Climate Proofing Housing Estates EU project will bring more nature into the estates. All three estates are in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Furthermore the residents will have something more natural to look down on than asphalt!

It is hoped that a citizen science project will undertake a biodiversity audit of the roofs once they have been installed. What bugs, beetles, bees and flies decide to take up residence will be focus of the monitoring programme.

Nature returns to housing estates

Bringing nature to people in dense urban environments is relatively easy and cost effective. Such small concrete roofs can easily be greened up. And there are plenty across UK and probably Europe and North America. It is often thought that bringing green infrastructure into urban areas is difficult. Small scale green roofs are green infrastructure and 10,000 small scale green roofs could make a difference in a city. Wherever that city is.