luscious green roof on a garden shed

DIY Green Roof Guide

The online resource for building small scale green roofs on garden sheds, garages, house extensions and other small construction or retrofitting projects

a green roof on a new house extension

New Builds

A step by step guide to creating a SAFE and LEAK FREE green roof on a new small scale construction project. Learn from the vastly experienced authors how to accomplish it yourself or provide guidance to your contractors

a small green roof on an electrical substation


Even the smallest of roof spaces can provide a small haven of beauty and a wildlife oasis. The retrofitting section advice can be used on garden sheds, cycle & bin shelters, the fundamentals remain the same!

edge details of a garden shed green roof


From suggested screw sizes through edge details to drainage suggestions, John & Dusty take you through the process using text, photos, illustrations and videos

edge details of a garden shed green roof

Planting Ideas

Plant suggestions focussed on native species that can provide the maximum biodiversity. Separate lists for the UK, Eastern USA & Canada, Mid-West USA

The Roof Must Not Collapse

What loads are possible without the roof collapsing?

We tend to work on standard weights for various items in the green roof build-up. These are all saturated loads expressed in kg/m2. It should be noted that if you were retrofitting onto an existing building, you would have to ask a qualified engineer to provide you with the additional load that can be applied to the existing structure. Then you can work out what is possible.

  • Approximate saturated weights are provided for various green roof approaches.
  • How you can calculate the potential size of timber you will need, however we clearly recommend you take professional advice to ensure that your structure can take the weight intended.
  • What waterproofing layer can be used and how best to this can be installed without needing a professional roof contractor.
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