John Little and Dusty Gedge The DIY Guide to Green & Living Roofs by Dusty Gedge & John Little Updated, expanded and brought online to include multimedia enhancements as well as easier continuous development of contents... Green roof training is all about biodiversity Green Roof Seed, Turf & Plant Suppliers Feather Grass Viper's Bugloss Common Toadflax Bird's-foot Trefoil Biodiverse Green Roof Section Find substrates, plants, liners and other supplies to meet the needs of the green roof you are building... Case Studies Where commercial products have been used in a green roof case study published on this site, the supplier will be referenced ( where possible ). Green Roof Construction Photos A Selection of Commercial Suppliers of Green Roof Elements To help if you decide to source some of the elements commercially. All listed suppliers are experienced in supplying specifically for green roofs.