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We will start adding these in the next few weeks - and thank you to all the people who have kindly agreed to participate in this.

Last Words

One of the things we have learnt over the years is that each roof will be different. Also long as the roof doesn’t leak and will not collapse, the plants and soils can change, be changed and be adapted. We have added art to our roofs. We are constantly trying out new plants on old roofs, re-seeding and watching what happens. In the ‘designer’ age we all too often think there is one way to do things. Let your roof do its thing, remind you of the seasons and how nature changes from year to year.

The Online Guide and You

We hope that this online guide will be helpful. It is not a definitive guide. We are all learning. However we hope it encourages as many people as possible to install green roofs on their properties and that it gives people confidence to do it themselves or to pass the guide to a contractor to create a roof for them.

We are sure we have missed many things. We hope to update the guide and issue an update, free of charge, to all who have purchased it. We also hope that people who use this guide and complete projects send us any thoughts and successes.

We would be particularly interested:

  • To hear about innovative planting schemes native or non native
  • Success of regional native planting
  • Use of innovative waste materials
  • Any solutions you have discovered in your build

We plan to add these to the guide so that it continually evolves. We also hope that people would be willing to send in their completed projects so that we can add them to our websites and use in a newsletters we hope to send out.

And we hope that the guide has put you back in touch with nature if you weren’t already.

We hope you have had fun and that your roofs give you joy and inspires people around you to follow suit.

Finally, relax. Good Luck

Dusty and John