Green Roof Sheds – Virginia beach to Milton Keynes

Nov 14, 2021

From Virginia Beach to Milton Keynes, green roofs are spreading. Over the last few years there have been a number of stories about green roofs sheds. We like green roofs shed.  It i, after all,  the purpose of the guide to support people in creating them. Both of these projects used reclaimed wood to make the structure beneath the soil and plants.

Virginia Beach – green roof shed

Emily Archer, a Landscape architect,  fulfilled one of her inner “geek” dreams by installing a green roof on a new shed in her  backyard. She was inspired partly by a book that John Little and I help to write: “Small Green Roofs: Low-Tech Options for Homeowners with Nigel Dunnett and Edmund C. Snodgrass.  In the book we relate stories of ordinary homeowners who put green roofs on their sheds, garages and other little structures as well as on their houses.

Emily planted the roof up with succulents. She is now looking to create a rain garden or two in her garden.

Milton Keynes – Living roof Arbor

A Leylandii hedge in Milton Keynes and turn it into a structure for a green roof. Whilst in Norway and Iceland they had seen a lot of green roofed buildings.   ‘“It triggered an idea that I wanted one at home’ says Jeremy Harper. Therefore he managed to put soil on vegetation on the structure he created from the Leylandii hedge. And a might fine structure and green roof it is. One that I know John Little will like. As is the case with many people who build a green roof, Jeremy says he has turned into a bit of a gardener: “I usually spend a few hours up there at weekends and try to take pictures of it all the time to see how it changes throughout the seasons.”

Although a green roof may appear to be an cost, these two projects, show how much pleasure can be gained. More to the point, that with some reasonable guidance they are achievable, even on a shed.