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Shed of the year – has a green roof crown

The Shed of the Year 2016 that has won the competition not only has a great green roof crown, it is also a stunning creation.   West Reading’s Kevin Herbert, claimed his title earlier in August. It followed a record breaking year with 2,825 entries and 12,292 public votes. The building created from 90% recycled material goes by the… Read More

Orchids on a Carport green roof

Orchids on green roofs are not as rare as you might think. This green roof Carport in Herefordshire is a case in point. Spotted Orchids have appeared on the roof.  It has also been a hit with the local invertebrates. Just proves  that with a little thought a small green roof can transform a building… Read More

Urban Food – Montreal

Urban food growing is happening on a small scale green roof in Montreal, Canada.  This was another successful green roof built on a shed using our original e-guide. When we first launched the guide back in 2010  Oliver spent a couple of months emailing us about his idea of for food growing on his eco-shed. .… Read More

First and last green roof

The First and Last green roof in England is developing into a lovely coastal habitat. Last week I posted a blog about the roof at Sennen in Cornwall. I had used pictures from back in 2011 when I visited. The owner just happened to send me a few images of the roof a few days later.… Read More

A Coast Green Roof

The Coast green roof sits perched above the bay at Sennen, Cornwall. The first and last green roof in England being only a couple of miles from Lands End. A Coast Green Roof needs Coastal wildflowers The roof is a true coast roof, which makes it perfect to celebrate #lovethecoast campaign by National Trust. We… Read More