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Must Allow Excess Rainfall To Escape

Lack of water is one of the biggest stresses on a green roof. However too much water on a roof can cause a number of serious issues: Potentially overloading Vegetation that does not like anaerobic conditions can be killed off How to Drain the Roof One of the main concerns that small scale builders have… Continue Reading

The Roof Must Not Leak

Although this is obvious a few people who bought the First Edition thought they cut corners in this area and had leakage within a very short time. Don’t scrimp on the waterproofing layer and it is very difficult to not use a petrolbased product. If we could we would recommend one but to date we… Continue Reading

The Roof Must Not Collapse

What loads are possible without the roof collapsing? We tend to work on standard weights for various items in the green roof build-up. These are all saturated loads expressed in kg/m2. It should be noted that if you were retrofitting onto an existing building, you would have to ask a qualified engineer to provide you… Continue Reading