What's in the Small Scale Green Roof Guide?

The structure of the guide is very simple. In essence it is a step by step guide for each stage of building a DIY green roof by:

Retrofitting an existing shed,

retrofitting on to an existing extension or other building,

or engaging in a new small build.

Elements covered in detail in the online DIY Green Roof Guide include:

The Roof

  • From the joists up
  • Deck


  • Laying the waterproofing
  • Protecting the waterproofing

Edge Detail

  • a step by step guide to each part of the edge/fascia detail


  • how to ensure good drainage from a green roof.
  • Various approaches are discussed and explained in detail so the constructor can make the appropriate decision to meet their requirements. There are ‘conventions’ in the green roof industry that say that certain methods are standard, but this is not necessarily the case.


  • Guide to how to install irrigation if needed.


  • Choice of growing medium, substrate, soil.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of various materials, systems and approaches


  • Planting options from turfs, blankets, bulbs, seeds, plug plants.
  • National and regional lists.


  • Guidance on maintenance for various treatments.


DIY Green Roof Guide
DIY Green Roof Construction Guide