A very small green roof installation

The Keys to Green Roof Installation

The online resource for building small scale green roofs on garden sheds, garages, house extensions and other small construction or retrofitting projects

a green roof built on a school playroom

New Builds

A step by step guide to creating a SAFE and LEAK FREE green roof on a new small scale construction project. Learn from the vastly experienced authors how to accomplish it yourself or provide guidance to your contractors

a small green roof build on an old shed


Even the smallest of roof spaces can provide a small haven of beauty and a wildlife oasis. The retrofitting section advice can be used on garden sheds, cycle & bin shelters, the fundamentals remain the same!

flues and skylights on a new green roof installation


From suggested screw sizes through edge details to drainage suggestions, John & Dusty take you through the process using text, photos, illustrations and videos

planting ideas for small green roof installations

Planting Ideas

Plant suggestions focussed on native species that can provide the maximum biodiversity via an extensive green roof installation. Separate lists for the UK, Eastern USA & Canada, Mid-West USA

Where to Begin with a Green Roof Installation

Understanding the Basics of Small Scale Green Roof Installation

It sounds obvious but a green roof:

This Small Scale Green Roof Installation and Construction Guide provides details on what loadings are possible on what size joists and spans.

The guide goes it detail about what waterproofing can be used and how you can install this safely to ensure that your roof doesn’t leak.

The step-by-step guide for NEW green roof builds covers:

The Roof Deck

The structural and construction basics for both flat and pitched green roofs

Waterproofing and Edge Detail

Recommended waterproofing materials and how to fit them, especially how to correctly fit at the edges of the roof as well as integrating down pipes if required.


A range of solutions covered, the optimum choice dependent on type and size of the green roof.

The Layers

Whether commercial drainage layers are necessary and alternative approaches to green roof drainage that do not require purchasing commercial products.


An overview of the different substrate types that can be used along with the ideal depths required for the various types of green roofs.


Planting suggestions and suitable native plant lists for various countries and climates. Mostly aimed at those people looking to create an extensive, biodiverse green roof.

Irrigation or not Irrigation

Whether an irrigation system will be needed for your green roof and instructions on making and fitting a cheap, DIY pipe fed system.


Overviews on general maintenance of small green roofs, tied to what type of roof you intend.

And remember this is a detailed construction guide not an overview. If you want to know which screw to use, the guide tells you (metric/imperial conversion may need to be undertaken to meet your situation!).

If you have an existing garden shed, garage, extension etc. the guide provides details of how you can use the above steps and where necessary adjust for a specific retrofit situation.

flues and skylights on a new green roof installation