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Green Roof Types

The type of vegetation for a green roof can be loosely classified in these categories:

Extensive – lightweight – sedum blanket or mat solutions – below 90kg/m2 – low maintenance.

  • There are solutions that are marketed that can be installed with a saturated weight of 55kg/m
  • We would always recommend that you try wherever possible to install with at least 80mm of substrate (if not more – with the blanket or mat this would give a saturated weight of approximately 120kg/m2

Extensive – sedum and herb roofs using seeds plug plants and or turfs/blankets

  • This s the approach we recommend  – depending on the depth of substrate the saturated weight would between 120 – 250kg/m2 – low maintenance, may need some irrigation in long periods of drought.

Semi-intensive green roofs – more garden like green roofs – herbs, food, ornamental flowers – medium maintenance with regular irrigation through dry periods.

  • Generally an semi-intensive green roof needs regular maintenance – saturated weight of between 170 – 300kg/m2