Lets welcome nature back into the city – Gary Grant

Jul 26, 2018

Welcoming nature back into the city is urgently needed. This theme was central to Gary Grant, of the Green Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd, who provided a demonstration of this works in practice.Gary provide simulation of a sever storm on an industrial unit with and without a green roof.

OK, the unit was from a train set, and the storms were provided by glasses of water. As in all good ‘street theatre’ a few things went wrong.However,  the application of a ‘sponge city’ green roof clearly soaked up the water. Ergo sum – green infrastructure works.

What we need to welcome nature back into the city

So all planners, architects and engineers need to let the war on nature be a thing of the past. Instead open your arms and your minds so that we can welcome nature back into the city.

You can also check out John Little’s video here.