luscious green roof on a bike shelter

DIY Green Roof Guide

The comprehensive resource for building small scale green roofs on all manner of buildings including garden sheds, garages, carports and house extensions

a green roof on a new bike shed

New Builds

A step by step guide to creating a green roof on a new small scale construction project. Learn as John & Dusty take you through how to accomplish it yourself or provide guidance to your contractors

a small green roof on an old garden shed


Even the smallest of roof spaces can provide a small haven of beauty and an oasis of biodiversity. The retrofitting section advice can be even used on garden sheds, cycle & bin shelters as the fundamentals remain the same!

green roof details like flues and skylights covered


From suggested screw sizes through edge details to drainage suggestions, John & Dusty take you through the process using text, photos, illustrations and videos

plant ideas for a garden shed green roof

Planting Ideas

Plant suggestions focussed on native species that can provide the maximum biodiversity. Separate lists for the UK, Eastern USA & Canada, Mid-West USA

Ontario and Eastern US Plantlist