Shed of the year – has a green roof crown

Mar 23, 2020

The Shed of the Year 2016 that has won the competition not only has a great green roof crown, it is also a stunning creation.   West Reading’s Kevin Herbert, claimed his title earlier in August. It followed a record breaking year with 2,825 entries and 12,292 public votes. The building created from 90% recycled material goes by the intriguing moniker  ‘West Wing’.

Cuprinol shed of the year has a green roof

Cuprinol Shed of the year winner

The Shed of the Year’s Crowning Glory is…the Green roof

Obviously we at GRT are going to be fans of the new winner. We love eco green roof sheds.  We, however, a sneaking suspicion that the construction details are mighty similar to those we outline in the guide. Furthermore, we also like the green roof character – a lush meadow of grass and wildflowers. That is the kind of green roof we like to crown our projects.

A green roof shed as Cuprinol Shed of the Year competition 2016.

The ‘West Wing’ from Berkshire has been crowned winner of the Cuprinol Shed of the Year competition 2016.

Building a Green Roof Shed

We can’t be sure, but perhaps Kevin purchased the guide to help him realise his winning creation. Whether he did it or not he is a deserving winner. The West Wing, a family-friendly labour of love over eight years, has three separate sections including:

  • a spacious loft which as an area to sleep and wind down,
  • a large workshop space for ‘shedworking’
  • a secret bookcase that reveals a hidden room for the kids to enjoy

Kevin obviously had a mind to go natural. There doesn’t look that there is much that is ‘off the shelf’ in all the pictures we have seen. And he has been bold enough to go natural with the roof. Using pre-grown products to get an instance fix is a solution, but going wildflowers and grass is a far better approach.