About The Small Green Roofs Guide

The small green roofs guide deals with any roof really, but is aimed at people wanting to green up an existing shed or small extension up to 60m2. The Small Green Roofs Guide can also be used as the basis of the design for new buildings. Especially small outdoor classrooms, summer and garden houses and even a standard flat roof.

We will reiterate this throughout the guide where relevant – but the structural guidance is only a guide. We recommend that a qualified person be contacted to ensure that planned roof have  can take the kind of green roof you want.

Small Green Roofs Guide – Planting and Materials on Green Roofs

As authors we have a preference for native wildflowers, however, it is written for you. Therefore if you want sedums or other exotics you will find everything you will need to know. This includes maintenance and use of materials.  The Small Green Roofs Guide is written to ensure that you can apply the general principles and achieve the kind of green roof you want.