luscious green roof on a garden shed

DIY Green Roof Guide

The online resource for building small scale green roofs on garden sheds, garages, house extensions and other small construction or retrofitting projects

a green roof on a new house extension

New Builds

A step by step guide to creating a SAFE and LEAK FREE green roof on a new small scale construction project. Learn from the vastly experienced authors how to accomplish it yourself or provide guidance to your contractors

a small green roof on an electrical substation


Even the smallest of roof spaces can provide a small haven of beauty and a wildlife oasis. The retrofitting section advice can be used on garden sheds, cycle & bin shelters, the fundamentals remain the same!

edge details of a garden shed green roof


From suggested screw sizes through edge details to drainage suggestions, John & Dusty take you through the process using text, photos, illustrations and videos

edge details of a garden shed green roof

Planting Ideas

Plant suggestions focussed on native species that can provide the maximum biodiversity. Separate lists for the UK, Eastern USA & Canada, Mid-West USA

Previous Articles

Shed green roof in WA – an update

A shed green roof enters it second spring in Ridgefield, Washington State, USA. Originally built in 2016 I was lucky enough to visit during the construction in October of that year. What soil and what plants for a shed green roof in Washington State In the absence of...

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A sod roof in Nebraska

A sod roof in Nebraska appeared in our facebook feed the other day. And what a good looking green roof it is. Yet there is more to this than looking good. Firstly sod houses in the mid-west of North America are historically important. And secondly in the soil and...

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A Piedmont green roof in Portland, Oregon

The Piedmont green roof is the next stop on our small-scale green roof tour. Our good friend, Jim Labbe installed the roof in Portland (PDX), Oregon in 2017. Portland has a long tradition of green roofs back to the early noughties. However, they do not refer to them...

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A Finnish green roof – 10 years of GRT

A Finnish green roof is the next stop on our celebratory green roof tour built using our online guide. Although many people around the world purchase the guide, we don't always have a clear idea where the green roofs will be built. Support is part of the deal...

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The John Little grass roof at Hilldrop, Essex

The grass roof at Hilldrop is how it all began for John Little. All the techniques and methods in the online guide were used to construct the roof on his house. Furthermore, all of the other green roofs in his garden use the same or similar methods. Using site spoil...

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Landscapes for brownfield invertebrates workshop

Designing Landscape for Brownfield Invertebrates Workshop Date: Wednesday 13th September 2017 from 10.00am – 5.00pm Location: Hilldrop, Laindon Road, Horndon on the Hill. Essex, SS17 8QB Description: Designing for Brownfield invertebrates is fun, practical and...

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Green Roof Training Workshop

Green roof Workshop - All You Need to Know – How to Build a Green Roof for Biodiversity   All You Need to Know – How to Build a Green Roof for Biodiversity Date: Saturday 12th August 2017 from 10.00am – 5.00pm Location: Hilldrop, Laindon Road, Horndon on the...

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A small green roof in Ridgefield WA

A few weeks ago, I just happened to be in Ridgefield WA. I was speaking at the ecoroof summit in Portland. So I took the opportunity to nip over to see a green roof shed in the making. Many of you reading this may not be aware that once a member we provide email...

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